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Traditional Core 1250

The T1250 Core is a modern octagonal modular commercial oven. The T1250 Core’s design is unique to Gozney Ovens, designed to leave a premium pristine internal finish.The T1250 Core is a 22 piece premium modular oven unique to Gozney Ovens. It has been designed for all finishing surfaces to be concealed once installed, thus leaving a flawlessly smooth, inconsistency free internal finish. This gives the T1250 Core an unrivalled premium aesthetic once installed.

The T1250 Core requires a base for the oven to be housed upon. Once installed, the T1250 Core requires the construction of a housing built around the oven to enclose the insulation materials. Many different styles of non-combustable enclosure can be constructed, please refer to our gallery for more inspiration.

The T1250 Core works perfectly for those that are looking to manage the entire installation of their oven independently, or with the help of an external tradesperson.

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