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Napoli 1250

The Napoli 1250 range is specifically designed for high temperature pizza cooking. Although designed specifically for pizza, the Napoli 1250 can cook a diverse range of dishes whilst running purely on a choice of wood, gas or a combination of the two. Boasting traditional Naples styled aesthetics with the benefits of a modern internal refractory core, the Napoli 1250 is the smaller of the commercial Napoli range, perfect for small and medium sized demanding pizzerias.


Manufactured in the UK, the Napoli 1250 has a 1250mm internal diameter cooking floor (6 x 12” pizza capacity). You can find our ovens on the DEFRA exemption list, complying with the Clean Air Act. The Napoli 1250 oven is made up of a high density, 100mm thick refractory dome which is heavily insulated and designed for optimum heat retention (refer to heat retention chart below). The oven floor has the perfect material composition to guarantee a high strength, robust deck whilst maintaining the porous characteristics required for fast and effective pizza cooking. The oven core has a traditional Naples style cast iron decorative facia, integrated thermocouple thermometer, is finished with a glass fibre reinforced mortar render and is mounted on an industrial heavy gauge steel frame, making the Napoli 1250 movable with a pallet truck or forklift.


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