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Monolith 'Classic' Kamado Grill (Black or Red) With Steel Cart & Side Shelves

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The 'Classic' is the most popular size in the Monolith family, weighing 85kg with a 46cm diameter cooking area. This cart package includes the following:

  • Monolith 'Classic' ceramic grill in black or red
  • Robust painted steel cart with locking wheels
  • Bamboo side shelves
  • 2nd tier grate
  • Charcoal basket with dual cook zone divider
  • 2 'half moon' split heat deflector stones for indirect cooking
  • Smoking chips feeder system
  • Grate lifter tool
  • Ash rake
  • Pizza stone

Monolith is a German manufacturer of ceramic kamado grills, the 3000 year old Chinese and Japanese cooking tradition meaning 'stove'.

A truly versatile grill that offers all the advantages of a classic grill, but with the added benefit of a stone oven. This allows low and slow cooking (ideal for pulled pork, lamb, beef etc.), smoking at low temperatures­­­­ – great for imparting that authentic smoky flavour into meats, as well as baking (pizza, bread, chocolate brownies...) The potential is virtually endless!

This grill is capable of reaching temperatures between 70°C and 400°C. So, for a quick sear of a juicy rib-eye steak just the way you like it, or to cook a chicken low and slow for a few hours before cranking up the heat to finish it off, the Monolith gets top marks for usability.

There are many similar grills on the market but not all grills are equal!

Monolith is a premium brand that offers excellent value for money by bundling many of the components required to get you cooking (using any of the above methods) from day one. With leading German design, utilising quality ceramics, teak, bamboo and stainless steel, you will be cooking al fresco for many trouble-free years.

Monolith's unique chip feeder system allows you to top up your smoke by adding your chosen wood flavour without disrupting the consistent cooking temperature in the oven, as you don't need to lift the lid!

Monolith backs its grills with a 10-year warranty on ceramics and two-year warranty on metal parts. You can rest assured that if you do have a problem we're here to help resolve any issues swiftly.

All Monolith grills are very low maintenance, so if you are a regular user of a 'gas' grill but think that cooking with charcoal is a hassle and takes too long to heat up, then we promise things don’t get much easier than this! It’s true, you can probably heat a gas grill up easily by turning a few knobs and pressing a button, and be ready after 20 minutes, but you may struggle to get past 250°C on many.

With the use of a charcoal chimney, you can pour the coals into the charcoal basket and they will be red hot and up to temperature in around 10-15 minutes. With the top and bottom vents opened for airflow, you will be ready to cook within 20-25 minutes from striking a match. The best thing is, you can regulate the heat very easily, by adjusting the vents and can steadily cook a shoulder of pork for hours without having to add any more fuel. Simply add wood chips or pellets for smoke. The thermally-efficient inner and outer ceramic means you can also get the grill incredibly hot. So, for 'fast and hot' cooking such as steak, pizza and fish, 400°C is easily achievable!

Always wanted to be King or Queen of the grill? Then this is the only tool you'll ever need. But, be warned: your outdoor cooking skills may become so good that you’ll have an endless supply of guests enjoying food at your house instead of theirs.

Technical Specification
Classic dimensions: 59cm (L) x 71cm (W) x 78cm (H)
Cooking area diameter: 46cm
Classic weight: 85kg
Dimensions inc cart: 59cm (L) x 71cm (W) x 120cm (H)
Dimensions inc cart & shelves: 120cm (L) x 71cm (W) x 120 (H)

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