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Barbican 1900

The Barbican Ovens combine an authentic stone oven cooking environment with a unique large, elongated entrance for easy access and viewing of the cooking floor. The Barbican oven has internal dimensions of 1900 x 1500mm (15 x 12" pizza capacity), making the Barbican a great choice for medium to large sized establishments.

Manufactured in the UK from a high density 100mm thick refractory dome, the Barbican range of ovens are heavily insulated with high grade modern insulators to ensure optimum heat retention. The Barbican 1900 Galvanised Enclosure as featured, offers clientele the option of direct placement within a busy cook line, or within an exterior enclosure using a cladding system for an oven that meets both function and design requirements. With clean, simple construction, the Galvanised Enclosure model enables easy access to the oven if required, with easy application of décor such as brick, metalwork, tiling or other material finish.

The Barbican is mounted on an industrial heavy gauge steel frame, making it movable with a pallet truck or forklift.  The oven is delivered in pieces and assembled on-site by the Gozney Ovens installation team. Please read the delivery & installation tab below for more information.


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